Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to The Hummingbird Review Blog!

Visit the premier of "The Hummingbird Review" website at


  1. To everyone who reads us, welcome! Everyone involved with the publication of this special literary gem deserves a round of applause. It was totally an act of love driven by our passion to write. We hope you are inspired and please let us hear from you. --Elia Esparza

  2. Charlie and the HBR editorial folks,

    Congrats! This is a beautiful publication full of moving, passionate writing. Definitely something to savor, take the time to read fully, and maybe go through again. And with Bob Yehling and Taylor Mali--two of my favorite writers--how could I not read it? I remember listening to Taylor read the Terry McCarthy poem at the conference last September and marveling at how he could craft such a delightful poem so quickly.

    I'll be passing the URL along to my writer friends and to others who simply enjoy good writing. Here's wishing you much success!

    Barbara Stahura

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  4. Congratulations on your new publication The Hummingbird Review!

  5. Second edition at the close. In the near future look for much more action on this blog.

  6. COMING SOON: Summer/Fall 2010 Edition